View & Add New Promo Items

SPARC Media Hub allows you to organize and keep track of all your promo items. Things like: stickers, pull up banners, tables, tents or even the station vehicles.

  • Login to SPARC Media Hub using your favourite browser.
  • Select AdminCP from the sidebar (If you do not see "AdminCP", you do not have sufficient permissions)
  • Select "Event Management" from the submenu.  (If you do not see "Event Management", you do not have sufficient permissions)
  • Then select “Promo Items”

If you already have items in your database they will appear on the left.

  • To add new items to your list, locate the Add New Item section on the right. 
  • Just add the name of the item
  • Enable or disable the “Quantity Option”. This option will allow the user to assign a quantity of the items when they’re assigned in a promo event.
  • ·         
  • Click “Add Item” and you’re done!

To make any changes after the item has been added click “Edit”.

To delete an item simply hit “Delete”.



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